Saturday, 16 May 2015

MAC Outlet Haul

Hi Guys!
It feels like it's been forever since I last blogged and it literally has been nearly a month! I've had a lot of work on and it was also my birthday at the end of April so i've been all over the place but I finish my first year of uni on Monday so i'm aiming to get back on track with posting from then!

I went to Liverpool for the first weekend of May and while I was there I visited a little makeup outlet store so I thought i'd show you what I picked up! I will leave a link and all the information about the store at the end of the post. The store sells everything at a reduced price however it is usually old collections or limited edition items that are no longer being sold.

The first two things I picked up were two nail varnishes in the shades Rain of Flowers (Left) and #Obsessed (Right). They are both beautiful colours and I picked them up for £7 each instead of £10 RRP. Rain of Flowers looks like a dark navy blue with purple reflects in the bottle but when applied to the nail it is the other way round, a dark purple with blue reflects. 

#Obsessed is a pink with glitters of silver, blue and green. In my swatch (below) I applied two coats of each but personally I would apply #Obsessed over a pink colour varnish to make the glitters pop more as I think it's perfect for summer!

I picked up two eyeshadows in the shades Bamboo (Left) and Yogurt (Right). They are both matte shades and I had actually been looking at buying Yogurt for my collection so was so surprised to see in the outlet store! I got them for £9.25 each instead of £13 RRP which is a great deal. 

Bamboo is a light orange brown and Yogurt is perfectly named with it being a baby pink chalky yogurt shade. They are both perfect for spring and summer and Bamboo seems like the perfect staple crease colour. I have a MAC palette so will be depotting them both.

Lastly I got a Fluidline Eye Pencil in the shade Black Brilliance. I am yet to try this eyeliner but it swatches incredibly black and very smooth so i'm hoping it will be a new favourite! I picked this up for £11 instead of £15.50 RRP.

That's all I picked up so I hope you enjoyed! As I said I will leave all information about the store at the bottom of the post as they not only sell MAC but Estee Lauder, Clinique, Smashbox and many other brands so it's definitely worth checking out! I will be posting some tutorials soon so look out for those! Speak soon,
Beth xo

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The Cosmetics Company Store

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet,
Ellesmere Port,
CH65 9JJ,
United Kingdom


  1. I have never tried MAC products! Those polishes look lovely :)

    Sarah |

  2. That pink glitter polish looks gorgeous!! I love the sound of that outlet store! xx