Friday, 16 January 2015

MAC Starter Kit

Hi Guys!
Today I thought i'd talk about my favourite high end brand: MAC.
I always have and always will love MAC and I really feel that it's worth paying their prices for high quality products. This is my 'MAC starter kit'; the things i'd buy if I was starting my collection again and knew that I needed the basics...

1. Foundation - Studio Fix Fluid (NW20)

This foundation was definitely one of my first memorable MAC purchases and one I was always go back to. It gives an incredible high coverage and comes in such a range of shades that it is perfect for everyone, however it is a matte finish so I wouldn't recommend for people whose skin is more on the dry side.

2. Pro Longwear Concealer (NW20)

Possibly one of the most raved about concealers, MAC's Pro Longwear goes hand in hand perfectly with their studio fix fluid. It rarely creases under the eye, is very high pigmented and the pump makes everything so much easier!

3. Strobe Cream

This is a product that I've had for a while but was never really bothered about using at first. Recently I tried it out again and haven't put it down since, I love this product. I use it just before I apply my foundation and it makes my skin look so hydrated even through foundation and powder etc. A little bit of this product goes a long way, would definitely recommend even for no makeup days.

4. Pro Longwear Paint Pot (Soft Ochre)

I'm a very big fan of MAC's paint pots as I feel they are unique to MAC as there are no other similar products on the market. Soft Ochre is just a tiny bit darker than my concealer and I use it all over the eyelid before applying any eyeshadow to make it stay on longer and easier to apply, or I sometimes wear it on it's own as it brightens up the lid, making you look more awake.

5. Powder Blush (Desert Rose)

I've never personally been into blush as I have naturally rosy cheeks which I use makeup to get rid of however when I do use it, it's usually Desert Rose. It's the perfect matte shade and is incredibly pigmented, but not dangerously. Used lightly it's very natural and soft however can pull slightly red more than pink.

6. Single Eyeshadow Pans (Brulé, Cork)

I picked these two from my palette as they are definitely the two shadows I use almost everyday. Brulé is a perfect all-over lid shade and eyebrow highlight as it's a satin finish and doesn't get too chalky. Cork is that perfect crease colour, also a satin finish it is a staple shadow for me and is perfect for creating that everyday look.

7. Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft and Gentle)

Possibly my favourite MAC product of all time. I spent weeks trying to get my hands on Soft and Gentle as it was sold out everywhere and as soon as I got it I knew why! The perfect champagne highlighter shade however a bit pricey at £23 you get so much product that it makes it worth it. Soft and Gentle leaves me with a natural glow for hours as it is such a long wearing beautiful product.

8. Studio Careblend Pressed Powder (Medium)

I spoke about this product in my last post as it is new to my collection however I honestly feel like I will repurchase this forever. Can provide a light coverage however can also be build up to a much more full coverage. It's very finely milled so doesn't look cakey over foundation and you won't lose any colour or products that you have on underneath, the perfect amount of matte.

9. Fix+

I honestly can't remember life without fix+. Before buying it I always thought it was a product that was a bit gimmicky and i'd be disappointed however it was the complete opposite. I always spray my brush or beauty blender with Fix+ before applying foundation or concealer and it makes such a noticeable difference. It makes foundation look so natural and doesn't allow for streaky lines as it helps to get perfectly even coverage and also makes it so much easier to apply. This is also great to spray on eyeshadow brushes when using metallic or glitter shadows as it makes them apply so much more pigmented.

These are all of my products for my perfect starter kit excluding lipsticks and brushes which I will cover in another post. What do you recommend I add to my MAC starter kit?
Speak soon!
Beth xo

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