Sunday, 22 March 2015

Gerard Cosmetics - Swatches and Review

Hi Guys!
I recently made an order with Gerard Cosmetics as there were so many good offers going around for their site. Ever since Jaclyn Hill mentioned them in her videos and then created her own shades with them I knew I had to have them! I got 2 lipsticks, 1 in 1995 and 1 in Berry Smoothie and 2 lip glosses in Butter Cream and Rose Hill.

The Lipsticks - 1995 (Left), Berry Smoothie (Right)

I got 1995 as it is the lipstick shade Jaclyn Hill created with Gerard Cosmetics and if Jaclyn has it, I want it. It's that everyday 'Kylie Jenner' shade and its so creamy and pigmented, I personally love it! It's similar to Velvet Teddy from MAC but more creamy. I also picked up Berry Smoothie which at first I was worried that it was too similar to 1995 but it's got much more rose undertones and is perfect paired with Whirl lipliner! (What isn't?) Definitely will be purchasing some more of these lipsticks as they worked out to less than £10 each and included from worldwide shipping.

1995 (Left), Berry Smoothie (Right)

The Lipglosses  - Rose Hill (Left), Butter Cream (Right)

Surprise surprise, both of these are Jaclyn Hill's creation with Gerard and they are incredible. They're not sticky like a lot of glosses but at the same time remain incredibly pigmented. The packaging is so cute as the tubes have a little mirror on the sides and you might be able to see that the lid lights up when you unscrew it so that you can apply your gloss in the dark/wherever you are. My next gloss I buy will definitely be Nude as I love the consistency of these and Nude is always so raved about.

Rose Hill (Left), Butter Cream (Right)

That's all I got from Gerard Cosmetics for now! Definitely check them out at the moment while they've got such good deals on, it makes everything so much more affordable! 
Hope you enjoyed,
Beth xo


  1. All of these are so pretty! Really like 1995, I'm going to have to check these out

  2. 1995 looks amazing, really need to get my hands on it!

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