Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Empties - February 2015

Hi Guys!
I've been planning on doing this post for a while now but wanted to add at least more thing to the pile so finally here is my EMPTIES post! Ive collected these now for about 2 months but threw away 4 mascaras completely forgetting to add them to the pile! I keep all of my empties in a bag and plan on doing a post every so often when the pile builds up, letting you know if i'd repurchase or not, so here's what I've got....

NYX HD Concealer

If it wasn't for the fact that this concealer is ALWAYS sold out in my shade online I would have definitely repurchased by now. One of my favourite concealers I've ever used and for such a great price. It's incredibly creamy and covers dark circles and blemishes perfectly. 

MAC Fix+ (x2)

I've mentioned Fix+ before in my MAC Starter kit but I honestly couldn't live without it! I constantly using it on face brushes and on my beauty blender just to get a more dewy finish to the skin and I think that as long as I live I will always repurchase fix+!

MAC Brush Cleanser (x2)
I have already repurchased this but I think just out of ease. Obviously it does the job and it does it well but i'm looking to try a cheaper alternative to this seeing as I go through it like water, so let me know in the comments if you can recommend any good inexpensive brush cleansers!
Benefit They're Real Sample

I got this mini sample in a benefit sample sized kit and knew I immediately wanted it in the full size so it went straight on my Christmas list! Obviously a cult favourite and for good reason, it thickens and lengthens so well and is probably the one mascara I get the most compliments on when I wear!

MAC Foundation
This is quite old now but i'd been saving it to do Back To MAC for so long and just put it away and forgot about it! Mine's in the shade NW20 and I repurchased it quite a while back. It really does give good coverage and look flawless but recently when I've been wearing it my skin reacts so bad and just flares up in a rash so I think i'm definitely going to stay of this for a while and keep experimenting with drugstore foundations.

Lush Ocean Salt

Might repurchase 
The only reason I think I might repurchase this scrub is for the smell. It is to DIE for and just smells like summer cocktails! Naturally being Lush it is expensive and I feel I could get a decent scrub for half the price which will do the job! However if you aren't on a budget it is a lovely face and body scrub none the less. 

MAC Eyeshadow - All That Glitters

Won't repurchase 
This shadow has truly been through the wars. I got this back in 2013 or maybe even earlier and I had depoted the shadow and just kept the pot for doing Back To MAC. Sadly when I went on holiday I took my MAC palette and this shadow completely smashed :( I managed to use what was left of it for quite a while and although being a beautiful colour, I'm starting to explore cheaper alternative brands to MAC shadows such as Morphe Brushes and Makeup Geek and because of this and only this I don't think I will be repurchasing this shadow for a least a very long time. 

So that's all of my empties for now! I'm definitely now making a conscious effort to keep empty products instead of just throwing them away. Is there anything that you always have in your empties pile? Clearly recently for me it's been a lot of MAC! Hope you enjoyed this post.

Speak soon,
Beth xo


  1. I love Mac foundation but find that it always makes me break out in spots. Never heard of fix but might look into it now. RW x

  2. all of these products look amazing!

    I've tagged you in the sisterhood of the world blogger award, if you'd like to check it out it's on my blog x

  3. great post! totally agree about MAC fix+, I can't do my makeup without it. would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Same! yea of course i'll check it out now :) xx

  4. alot of my faves in your empties! love the mac brush cleaner and fix + as well as the ocean salt scrub! great post!


  5. I've never used fix+ on my beauty blender before thanks for the tip xx