Saturday, 21 February 2015

Morphe Brushes - Eyeshadow Swatches

Hey Guys!
A couple weeks back I ordered some eyeshadows from Morphe Brushes as I'd heard they were incredible for their price from lots of YouTubers and also one of my favourite YouTubers, Jaclyn Hill had just released her favourites palette with them.

I also ordered a few brushes which I'm loving so let me know if you want a post on them! I thought I'd just do a brief swatch post of the eyeshadows I purchased... Sorry for the names of some of them being numbers, it's all they have written on the bottom!

The first row in my palette are more neutral and also darker colours. My favourite is definitely Bronzed Ivy (2nd from the right) even though it is more of a bronze than an ivy it is a beautiful colour. Ice (4th from the left) seemed to be the least pigmented and hardest to swatch however all the colours are very smooth and creamy which is perfect for neutral colours. 

(From left to right) 27, Gunpowder, Velveteen, Ice, 18, Bronzed Ivy, Porcelain

This next row of colours follow a brighter pattern, which I'm not used to wearing however I got these so I can start experimenting more! I LOVE the shade 80 (far right) as it is a perfect matte mix of baby blue and mint green and will be perfect for summer. Also Secretive (far left) is a perfect matte burgundy shade which I love!

(From left to right) Secretive, Radiance, 56, Dancing Queen, Starlight, 80

The last row of the two remaining shades are both baby pinks, one being a shimmer shade with little bits of glitter in (29) and the second shade being a matte baby pink (Pretty in Pink) which is definitely one of my favourite shades that I got - i'm currently loving bright matte shades!

(From left to right) 29, Pretty in Pink

Overall I love these shadows and the shades I picked. They are incredibly affordable at less than £2 a shadow however postage to the UK got quite expensive! I plan to do some makeup looks with these soon and experiment a lot so let me know if there's any particular colour I should use. Hope you enjoyed this post!
Speak soon,
Beth xo


  1. I've never heard of Morphe Brushes. All the shades from your first swatch are stunning and definitely shades I would go for! The price is good too x
    han // emandhan xo

    1. I hadn't until recently but they're so worth getting for the price! x

  2. Ow I'll definitly check these ones out! Nice post!
    I recently started my own beauty related blog, I would love for you to check it out, x Josune, Your Beauty Script

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